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Rodents are active at night, and they can chew through soffits and areas to get up into the attic. They can be found in garages as well. Rodents are known for chewing because their teeth are constantly growing. They are known to chew through electrical wires in a home, they will chew through vehicle wires, and many other items that are found around a home. Their feces is also a big nuisance in a home as it can cost thousands of dollars to clean it up and make the home sanitary again.

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Rodents invade homes and buildings in search of food, water, and shelter. There are 30 known species of mice but the best known of these is the common house mouse well named for its utilization of buildings for food and shelter. The adult common house mouse is about 1-2 inches long with large ears, a pointed nose, small eyes and a small, slim, light gray or brown body. The white footed deer mouse carries the deadly hantavirus in their droppings.

The norway rat has a stocky body measuring 10″-12″. They are much larger than mice, and can weigh as much as one pound. It has a blunt nose and its scaly tail is shorter than the head and body combined.

Rodent Treatment

There are two parts to taking care of rodents. The first is to determine how they are entering your home, and to come up with a plan to keep them out long term. The other is removing those rodents that might have made their way inside. Rodents will typically enter your home through the attic and garage, however, they can gain entry through holes and openings in other areas of your home. During this treatment, we will inspect your home and determine the rodent entry points as well as determine how to best remove them. Your home will be protected as long as their entry points are sealed up and the rodents are eradicated.

Rodent infestations can easily get out of control and do-it-yourself methods are seldom fool-proof. Locating, controlling and exterminating rodents from your property is a task left best to those who are knowledgeable, trained and equipped with effective methods and treatments. Call us today and find out why many of your Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, Colorado Springs and Denver neighbors area have been trusting us for their pest extermination.