Don't let pests ruin your biggest investment

Do Not Let Termites Damage Your Biggest Investment

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Most termites that infest a home or business are subterranean termites – meaning they live in colonies in the soil. They require moisture from the soil to survive, and can travel hundreds of feet to reach a feeding site. When they are ready to eat, they come out of the soil looking for wood to feed on. The wood in your home is an easy target for termites, and they have the power to be massively destructive – termite damage totals over $5 billion dollars per year, according to the National Pest Management Association. As a home or business owner, you should be aware of the termite risk to your property, especially because most insurance policies do not cover termite damage.

How Do I Know If I Have a Termite Problem?

Since termites mostly live underground and in the walls of your home, it can be very difficult to actually see them. You may notice the following signs that could signal a termite infestation:

  • Mud tunnels or tubes along interior or exterior walls, usually the width of a pencil
  • Wing shreds near entry points to your home that look like small fish scales
  • Unexplained cracks on ceilings and walls
  • Weak and hollow-sounding wood
  • Garden damage – trees, decking and wooden fence posts

Why Choose Berrett Pest Control to Get Rid of Termites?

To get rid of termites, you need an experienced professional who can customize a treatment plan to fit your needs, and that’s exactly what we do. Using state of the art equipment, the Termidor HP™ System, we create an exterior barrier underneath your home that is undetectable to termites. With the Termidor HP™ System, there is no digging into your soil and the equipment is less invasive than traditional termite removal processes.

Let our highly trained and licensed exterminators inspect, evaluate, treat, and control your termite situation. With an inspection & evaluation, we can recognize the first signs of termite activity and catch them before they become a problem. Even after your home has been compromised, Berrett Pest Control can protect it with our Total Termite Control Home Warranty Plan. If termites make it into your home while on our warranty plan, we will take care of them at no extra charge to you!

Tips for Preventing a Termite Infestation

  • Monitor outdoor wooden structures for signs of infestation.
  • Seal all cracks and holes in your home’s foundation, which may provide a handy access point for termites
  • Repair indoor and outdoor faucets and water lines that are leaking
  • Get rid of excess wood like tree stumps or yard debris
  • Don’t allow leaves to accumulate in gutters and drains
  • Store excess wood and lumber away from your home
  • Ensure drainage sites remain clean and effective
  • Ensure all cracks and crevices in your foundation, pipes /and utility lines have been sealed
  • Trim and maintain shrubs, bushes and other greenery

Termite Pest Control | Berrett Pest Control

Think you have a termite problem in Dallas, Houston, Austin, Colorado Springs or Denver? We offer extensive industry insight to solve your most basic Termite problems. If you are still having issues, please call us so we can schedule one of our exterminators to come out to your home for a FREE Termite inspection & treatment evaluation.