Rodents invade homes and buildings in search of food, water, and shelter. They are famous for their constant chewing. Most common are mouse, rats and squirrels. Their front incisors are constantly growing and to manage their length they need to chew. They are not particularly picky.

How Do Rodents Enter Homes?


Rodents will typically enter your home through the attic or garage, however, they can gain entry through holes and openings in other areas of your home. During this treatment, we will inspect your home and determine the rodent entry points as well as determine how to best remove them. Your home will be protected as long as their entry points are sealed up and the rodents are eradicated.

Do Rodents Like Electrical Wires?

Household electrical wires are well known targets but the yummy soy-based coated car wires are increasingly popular. In addition to destroying property, rodents look to eat your food and where ever they go, they spread deadly diseases.

How Fast Can Rodents Multiply?




Rodents breed at a rapid pace, especially mice have large and frequent litters; they can go from 6 to 60 in 3 months. Needless to say, a small problem can turn in to an infestation quickly if it is ignored.

How To Stop Rodent infestations?

Rodent infestations can easily get out of control and do-it-yourself methods are seldom fool-proof. Locating, controlling and exterminating rodents from your property is a task left best to those who are knowledgeable, trained and equipped with effective methods and treatments. Call us today!

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