In North America, squirrels live in many different habitats, ranging from forests to suburban neighborhoods. Squirrels are mostly herbivores, with a diet of nuts, seeds, fruits but can also consume insects and bird eggs.

Can Squirrels Cause Damage?




Squirrels Seem So Cute: Most of us find squirrels to be cute and fuzzy, running and  jumping around with their bushy tail and we don't mind them looking for food and burying acorns in our back yard. That changes when they start chewing on wires in your home and tearing up insulation.

Help I Have Squirrels In My House




Squirrels In My Attic: They do not have the reputation of other rodents but they can still cause a lot of damage to your home if they decide to make a nest in your attic. In addition to gnawing on things with their ever growing incisors, they leave behind feces and urine and spread disease.

A Squirrel Family Is Living In My Truck




Can Squirrels Live In My Car?

Squirrels have also been found to make their nest under the hood of cars where they can cause a lot of damage chewing on the wires.

I Think I Have Squirrels In My Attic




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