Wild Animals

There are many wild animals co existing with humans in North America. Since the suburbs constantly move into their territory, wild animals are adapting and finding food and shelter in our neighborhoods. Raccoons, Opossums, Skunks, Skunks, Armadillos, Bobcats, Foxes, and Coyotes, are some of the wild animals that show up in American neighborhoods.

Are Raccoons Friendly?




Raccoons are enjoying easily accessible food left out for pets. They have also figured out how to flip over trash cans to get to what ever is inside. Raccoons are nocturnal animals so much of their activity happens at night.

How Do I Keep Skunks Away?


Skunks are easily identified because of the smell of their spray. These guys also dig holes in the yard and are primary carriers of rabies. They like to make their home under decks or even in the garage.

Foxes who in particular do not like to get near people, will visit neighborhoods if pet food and garbage are easily available.

Help! Armadillo Family Under My Deck

Armadillos will also come around looking for food and shelter. Armadillos whose food mostly consist of insects like ants and termites, will dig tunnels and burrow. Their tunnels can destroy the foundation of your home or disrupt sewer lines and cause serious damage.

Bobcats are also on the look out for food. They are nocturnal and mostly avoid people, but bobcats who may have rabies, can be aggressive and attack humans or if they feel threat to their cubs. They are fast and have very sharp claws.

Bobcats In My Back Yard?

Coyotes are also showing up in populated areas and in some places they are becoming a nuisance. They eat small rodents, are intelligent and faster than most dogs. If you believe there are coyotes in your neighborhood, do not leave a small dog or cat outside; they would be easy prey. Fences are not a problem for a hungry coyote.

Wild animal trapping and wild life removal is not easy and best left to professionals. Berrett Pest Control offer humane animal trapping, removal of dead animals or critters in you attic. If you have questions or concerned about wild animals, contact us today!

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Wild Animals